During the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, the U.S. made playing cards of the ‘most wanted’ members of Saddam Hussein’s government, political party, and military. The cards were used to help American military units recognize the ‘most wanted’ individuals in the field and hunt them down.

    Today we want the public to easily identify the people responsible for committing, enabling and failing to prevent a genocide in Gaza.

    The ‘War Criminals’ deck contains 54 individuals implicated in the genocide in Gaza. These individuals are bound together by their indiscriminate support for the systematic killing of Palestinian civilians when the world, resoundingly and repeatedly, begged them to stop.

    They engaged in collective punishment, the targeting of civilians, forced displacement, mass starvation, torture, attacking hospitals and evacuation routes and other atrocities, while boasting they had “no red lines” and they are fighting “human animals.”

    These War Criminals deserve no peace.

  • A gif of various War Criminals Playing Cards flipping through. Includes Biden, Netanyahu, Austin, Gallant, Smotrich and Obama.
War Criminals Playing Cards box illustrated. Header says "War Criminals" and an image of a bomb labeled "Made in USA", a tear gas canister labeled "Made in Israel" hitting a map of Palestine colored in red, green, black and white and a border of flames. B


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Presenting the War Criminals Playing Cards portraying the people responsible for the genocide in Gaza, with original artwork. Contains 56 cards including 2 Joker cards and 2 Rules cards.

100% of profits will be donated to The Ghassan Abu Sitta's Children's Fund.