• They committed war crimes. We told them to stop.

    They didn’t listen. So we made the War Criminals Playing Cards.

  • We are an anonymous collective that includes a former political press secretary and former advisor to the Middle East Peace Envoy, a senior campaign strategist, a creative director and an artist. We are also regular people with families, and jobs and lives.

  • For months we’ve watched a genocide stream live to our phones. Horrified, we protested, boycotted, disrupted everyday life, called our representatives daily, and demanded that it stop.

  • Our leaders didn’t listen.

  • They forgot they are accountable to us, the people, despite their status, connections, and stock market portfolios. So we made these playing cards inspired by the "Most Wanted Iraqis Playing Cards" to remind them.

  • They deserve no peace.

  • South Africa’s efforts to hold Israel accountable for the suffering, killing and destruction they’ve committed against Palestinians by bringing a case of genocide against Israel at the ICJ.

  • The Center for Constitutional Rights’ efforts to hold Biden, Blinken and Austin accountable for their failure to prevent and complicity in Israel’s genocide of Palestinians.

  • Human rights lawyers filing cases on behalf of Palestinians in all relevant jurisdictions, including utilizing Universal Jurisdiction in domestic courts around the world. Learn more about Universal Jurisdiction here, here and here.